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"Following the path of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam"
Reji Vasanth V. J. is an Indian Researcher, Technocrat-Entrepreneur, Chairman & Managing Director of Mibiz Group of Companies. He was born and raised in Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala. He was privileged to get benefited by the birth of Internet Age in India "The Information Age was a boon for a young aspirant like him following the path of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam." His Scientific findings, Innovations, forecasting as a Research scholar have been highlighted by the mainstream Media, endorsed by renowned personalities and invariably appreciated the merits of its findings and unanimously recommended to take it further for its logical purpose by political and industry leaders. As the Founder of Mibiz he bootstrapped the company from a spare room with sheer ambition & due diligence to develop it as one of the World's Greatest Brands.
Reji Vasanth V.J started his expedition in business as a startup company In 2003. Mibiz Group of Companies www.mibizgroup.com now has strong presence in the Technology, Consulting & Maritime business. | Mibiz Citizen Advisor www.citizenadvisor.in is a Platform for delivering Innovative fast track solution(s). The services comprise Advisory Management, Public Utility services & Public Grievance redressal mechanism. It received Rs 25 Lakhs Seed Fund assistance from the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) | Mibiz Cyber Forensics www.mibizsys.com provides innovative fast track service(s) in Cyber Security, Investigation & Intelligence. The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) the premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India is one of Mibiz Cyber Forensics Technology support providers | Mibizkart www.mibizkart.com is India's Premium e-Commerce Platform for selling Products & Services.The Platform sells Mibiz Digital Multimedia Medical & Dental Encyclopedia. | Mibiz Health www.mibizhealth.com is an ambitious endeavor to taper the upcoming potential of the Indian business sector in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry. The Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a Public Sector Undertaking, manufacturing and supplying essential and life saving medicines appointed Mibiz Health as its service provider for the states of Karnataka & Gujarat.
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Career as a Data Scientist
As a Data Scientist Reji Vasanth followed the guidelines of India’s Technology Vision 2035 & India’s Vision 2020 a Vision document prepared by the Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) of India's Department of Science and Technology and The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) Chairperson, Mr. Sam Pitroda guidelines / advice given to the former Prime Minister's Office on policy to develop India as a global power.
Reji Vasanth scientific work Digital India: Mission CD/DVD Authoring India (2003) has reference to the Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) and Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR). The TIFAC/DSIR forecasted "CD-ROMs with storage capacity of 1.6 GB of data have been instrumental in fast information retrieval and access. Use of multimedia for storage of text, graphics, video, sound etc. has immensely benefited the information storage system.”
His scientific work Mission 2020 - Knowledge Village (India) followed the guidelines of Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam “India’s Vision 2020” and ‘10-point development agenda’ aimed at making the state of Kerala an economic powerhouse”.
Scientific studies
Vision 2050 Project Study Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) (2017) - Vision 2050 Project (Robotic Technology) – Proposal to establish Indian Robotics Research Organization (IRRO), Indian Institute of Robotic Technology (IIRT) and a suggestion to bring the Robotic Technology out from the Information and Communication Technology (Technology Vision 2035) similarly the resources from the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) which should be utilized for the Indian Robotic Technological explorations.
Cyber Forensics Laboratory (CFL) (2016) - The Report discusses establishing the state-of- the-art Cyber Forensics Laboratory (CFL) to Equip, Empower, and Train Cyber Forensics across the Nation.
Mission 2020 - Knowledge Village (India) & (Maldives) (2005) - The Report discusses Implementing a Knowledge Village - bring about a fusion of Knowledge with IT, ITES, & Space Missions and looks forward to developing the Knowledge Village to a vibrant Knowledge-disseminating hub of the World, providing services for disseminating knowledge to people in all walks of life through Satellites & Virtual Classrooms and to create Knowledge economies and facilitate Tele/e-learning, Tele/e-health & medicine, e-village, e-atolls implementation (2005-2020) in India & Maldives.
Digital India: Mission CD/DVD Authoring India (2003) - The Report discusses Interactive e-learning solution implementation (2003-2010) in India.
Medical Science work(s)
The Digital Multimedia Medical & Dental Encyclopedia series is the ultimate word for Medical & Dental science. It is the World’s Most Comprehensive Medical & Dental study for disseminating Healthcare information to Medical Practitioners and people in all walks of life. The works has been reviewed and certified by the leading Healthcare Practitioners and experts across the Globe. Dr. B. Ekbal, the Former Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala, a public health activist, a neurosurgeon, and an academic in Kerala has written the Foreword for the Medical Encyclopedia and it was Press released in 2003 in the Thiruvananthapuram Press Club.
Technology work(s)
Reji Vasanth developed the Citizen Advisor Platform - Advisory Management, Public Utility services & Public Grievance redressal mechanism to help the Citizens of India and the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) to overcome their problems. The Citizen Advisor Platform is based on his Research National Vision study – "Knowledge Village India (2005)." Mibiz Citizen Advisor e-Services Platform is a tribute to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The Vision of Dr. Kalam was Enlightened Citizenship. The PURA - Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas - The Knowledge connectivity with Electronic connectivity will boost the Economic connectivity of the State / Nation and thereby develop a vibrant Knowledge hub of the World. Kalam’s 10-point agenda for Kerala recommended development and marketing of Knowledge products. Mr. Sam Pitroda, The Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) guidelines / advice given to the Former Prime Minister's Office on policy to develop India as a global power recommended to make India competitive in the Knowledge economy. Citizen Advisor Platform is a National / State interest Project which will be of great support for our mission towards Enlightened Citizenship. The Citizen Advisor e-Services Platform is incubated at the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) ecosystem. The Project received Rs. 25 Lakh Seed Fund assistance from the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation(KSIDC). The Project was also shortlisted by the Kerala Development & Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) for the Innovation for Government (i4G) Day 2020 event.
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